Decorative Gourds


I’m getting more into decorating this Halloween than I ever have before, I think partly because I’m also thinking of seasonal ways to decorate my wedding venue. I know it might not be the classiest thing ever but I want to fill the room with decorative gourds and lights and I’m thinking even leaves or at least some paper mache ones. I want the center pieces of each table to be big colorful bowls of candy, like the ones we saw in childhood- you know so every guest can have a little sugar to get them through. I’m asking the brides maids and probably also the groomsmen to wear all black, but they will also all get some sort of bronze sashes or ties to match it up. I really want everyone just to relax and have fun. Eric and myself included.

Saturday we spent the afternoon with some friends at a corn maze/pumpkin patch up in Portland. It was organic of course and it offered up so many fun decorative ideas. We didn’t take the dogs just because over an hour drive with four people and two wienies in a Beetle doesn’t sound like much fun. Besides there were too many kids at this thing anyway, I doubt my fur babes could have handled it. Seeing other people walking their dogs there did make me miss them though, we took them on a good long walk when we got home. The pumpkin patch itself was a lot of fun though. They had silly little games for all the kids to keep them focused in the corn maze, for us though finding our way out was challenge enough. We spent a good while in there, once out of the maze there was plenty of kitch to look at plus also jams and jellies and ciders. The food area smelled great with all kinds of fried fair wonders, my friend and I enjoyed some glorious corn dogs and curly fries. They also offered hay rides and some other child-friendly activities of which we exceeded the age limit. It was a really good time overall, chilly moist air but no rain. A good place to enjoy the end of the week. It was also a great opportunity for people watching. There was a wonderful mix of Portland hippies and Oregon farm folk and it was a great way to bring around the Halloween spirit. We may have to turn it into a tradition.


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