Dachshund Facts

I came across a size chard for dachshunds the other night and it interest me greatly since my boys do seem unusually small. The chart said that tiny is 6 lbs and under, small are 7-12 lbs, medium are 13-16 lbs, and large are anywhere from 17-29 lbs. This is how I discovered that my boys are the medium variety which is actually more rare than the others, Eddy might even dip into the small category but that’s only because he was the runt of the litter. This explains why people always think they are puppies. Even when I meet other dachshund people at the dog park they ask what kind of dogs they are. People tend to assume Eddy is younger too, which makes sense. Medium-sized dachshunds are of the least precise breeding which probably also makes them least desirable at the pet shop. Wire haired are also the most rare bread of dachshunds, so I wonder if that discouraged people seeking dachshunds from choosing them. This is also a reason people tend to struggle with guessing what kind of dog they are, I’m sure. Their “poor breeding” might cause them health problems later on in life unfortunately. Dachshunds often suffer from back trouble anyway but who knows what other kinds of birth defects they may have. Well Ed also has that issue with his hips but it doesn’t matter to me either way because in my eyes Ed and Eddy are perfect.
Then of course dachshunds are also hound dogs, they were originally bread for their sniffing skills on the trail. This also makes sense as Ed and Eddy have an extremely strong sense of smell. They sniff out little critters during our walks outside constantly, plus they spend longer periods of time smelling the nature around them than do any other dogs. They even like to smell our breath after we eat, which might sound irritating but both Eric and I find it hilarious.
Lastly I have read that dachshunds get along very well with terriers, and this explains why they get along so swimmingly with my parents’ dog Zeke. Ed, Eddy, and Zeke have been best of friends since day one. I guess they are similar enough in makeup that they just understand each other being that wire haired dachshunds have some terrier in them. Pros and cons aside though I feel very fortunate that Ed and Eddy found their way into our lives. They are such sweetie-pies and they bring me a fresh and exhilarating burst of happiness each time I see or feel them beside me.


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