My Ed


As I’ve said before, of the two of them, Ed is my dog. When we first brought Ed and Eddy home the boys were extremely bonded to each other. They always slept cuddled, they freaked out if they couldn’t at least see each other constantly, and they wrestled joyfully all the time. Not much has changed, they still cuddle and we have yet to be able to walk them separately, but Ed has definitely become bonded to me too. He follows me all around, and since Eddy often follows him I’m just like a puppy parade. Everywhere I go my boys are behind me, to make sure that if I want to do something nice for them they’ll be there. Right now even I’m typing from my smartphone and both Ed and Eddy are both laying across my belly sleeping. Ed has his head resting on my heartbeat and Eddy’s head is resting on Eric’s side. They are funny little guys, that’s for sure. They make me so happy even in this big mean world and I suppose that is why I feel so responsible for their happiness.

They’re both slowly learning how to tell between times of day. I guess before we brought them home they never really had a schedule. Everything was just happening to them randomly. To be honest with you that is kind of the way my life was too, I just kind of lived life as it happened. Sure work and classes gave me some structure but nothing was ever set in stone but now with my little family…it feels like life just matters more.

Now Eddy is a dog who can roll with the punches. As long as he has himself a nice comfortable little nest he’s content. If he needs something he will try and figure out how to get it himself. He’s crafty and mischievous, but not my Ed. Ed needs direction. Ed needs assistance. If he sees Eddy do something naughty he will often times copy him but he is also very anxious to please me. I think this is why he follows me around so much, because he wants me to tell him when he’s good. He also loves food a crazy amount, he will do just about anything for a smelly snack.


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