Winter Is Coming


I know that winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, so we’re still quite a ways from it, but man’o’man the throes of autumn are cold. It is my favorite month as it represents the beauty of the end. I do however miss the summer during the cold wet dog walks. The boys always get home wet and muddy so I have to towel them off. Most of the time our walks are real quick, as both them and I want to get back to our warm home.

Today however they did enjoy some dog park time. Both Eric and I have been under the weather so my parents stopped by for a bit with some healing food and they also offered to take both Ed and Eddy to the Independence dog park. Sadly no other dogs were there for my boys to play with, except my parents dog Zeke, but they made do. It has been reported to me that Eddy was his usual lazy sleepy self, he didn’t do a whole lot just enjoyed the outdoors. Ed on the other hand had a great time running through the leafs, barking and just being wild. Though it is true that winter is coming we wont let it stop our fun!!!


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