Mornings on The Deck

This morning we’ve gotten ourselves a little break from the rain, a little blue sky, a little calm in the air. I decided to drink my morning coffee out on the deck with the boys to enjoy it. They can get so routey when left to their own devices but I’ve realized they too enjoy a nice relaxing view.

While we were sitting out, staring into the great beyond I found myself looking at the spider web. We always have a big beautiful spider web out back. It gets rebuilt time and time again between our dead house-warming plant (no I haven’t gotten rid of it yet) and the railing. The spider has been with us so long I’ve decided he’s earned the name Hubert, I didn’t see Hubert out today so hopefully he hasn’t drowned in the rain. Anyway though it just got me thinking about how strange and magnificent life is. It changes so constantly all the time. My atypical little family has become so comfortable with life here in our cluttered little Riverplace apartment. It was an adjustment for all of us at first; humans, dogs, and snakes alike but it has become our home.


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