Happy Halloween!


Last night my fiance and I went to a Halloween party. I got all dressed up as Amethyst from Steven Universe and he wore the ghilly suit his dad gave him for Christmas a few years back and called himself a nug of weed. I made my very first fresh pumpkin pie this year to share with everyone! The party was a lot of fun; great drinks, great food, great company. I’ve got to say though that perhaps my favorite part of all was the dogs. One was a teeny tiny little chihuahua and the other two were giant boxers.

They found and got along with me right away, dogs always find the suckers real quick. I let them jump all over me, inviting them over with scritches and hugs. They were of course in a frenzy being that their house was over taken by strangers in costume, but they handled it very nicely. I was glad we got to keep each other company!

Tonight for actual Halloween we’ll be staying in with our own dogs, watching scary movies and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.


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