Play Fight

So my boys have grown more settled into their relatively new environment once again. It’s been seven months now. They run all over the apartment, completely fearless, jumping on everything. They know my voice, when I’m calling or praising them as apposed to hollering for them to stop. I’m happy that they’re happy. Even when they’re difficult it’s worth it when they wag those tails. It gives me purpose even when sometimes my own home starts to feel like a zoo. I’d rather live in a zoo though than the ‘real world’ any day. Everything is much more simple, I don’t have to antagonize myself thinking about what would make any of my creatures happy, I know what would. They’re simple.

Since Eric and I moved our living-room furniture around a bit I think Ed and Eddy are much happier. Everything was just kind of rotated in a way that the living-room is now more open to the kitchen. We moved it all initially so that we could run an internet cable from the router in the back room to the TV (wifi just wasn’t cutting it for our console game experience) but we also quickly learned that it gives the boys an area to jump around and play on the carpetted floor while I’m busy at the kitchen table and/or Eric is in the kitchen cooking. In our last place we just left the cord on the hallway floor but because we have Ed and Eddy now and they are such chewers we had to run this cord up on the ceiling. It was a long and cumbersome process to do but it works so well now.

It also makes me happy because I feel like the apartment is more dog friendly this way. When they jump around now on the carpet I don’t have to worry about upsetting the downstairs neighbors so much, that’s why we have so damn many rugs in here too. Now Eric’s kitchen dancing on the hard wood floor is a whole separate issue but I will tackle that another time.

The fur-boys wrestling, for the most part, is all in good fun but once in a while Ed will break the skin. It’s always Eddy who starts the fight but he can’t really cause any damage with his weak jaw, so I struggle with how to discipline the situation. I need to watch them closely, that much I know, and with this setup I am better able to do that. If I have learned anything since we brought them home it is that they need a space to feel comfortable in just as much as we do, so it’s our job to provide them with that. It’s the least we can do for our little fur-babes.


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