Homemade Puppy Chow

This morning we found a brief brake in the rain for a dog walk. It was a pretty good sized walk too, all around the neighborhood. The grass was soggy but the puddles were manageable, and it didn’t start pouring again until we were all safely back inside.

Unfortunately as I bent down to fill the dog food bowls I realized we barely had any left, certainly not enough for two dogs. To be perfectly honest we barely have any people food either. So we scrambled to collect what food we did have left and figure out what that meant in terms of dog food. My fiance put together a dog food recipe he had found online; ham, rice, and eggs. Ed and Eddy both scarfed down this homemade dog food faster than I’ve ever seen them eat anything! They loved it, licked their bowls completely clean. Ed even flipped his bowl over searching for more.

All in all the homemade dog food was a great success. I’m sure it’s healthier than the preservative ridden store bought dog food too, Eric and I are planning on feeding our boys some of the good stuff a little more often from now on.


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