Age and Perception

The older I get the more I change. My general goal has always been the same, be happy, but my method of attaining happiness is different. My idea of happiness is different.

When I was younger I had a lot of opinions I wanted to get out. I thought I could help people, I thought I could understand people’s darkness and help them see the light. I was full of…let’s call it ideals. I slowly realized though that some people simply won’t be able to see the same light that I see. I learned that as nice as ideals are in theory, they are pretty worthless in everyday life. I learned too that it is perfectly okay, as long as you don’t bother my happiness you can go ahead and do what you need to do.

It’s still frustrating though, when you see people you love being emotionally or physically abused by somebody else’s ideals or worse yet when you see somebody hurting themselves with somebody else’s ideals it’s beyond frustrating.
There is absolutely nothing you can do though to change people’s minds once they’re made up. That’s when it gets political and that’s when it gets dirty. Many people are, and I use to be, of the mindset that politics are bad. Many people are of the mindset that voting won’t change anything, and because they never vote (or stand up and call bullshit) nothing ever does. Until things get REALLY bad. Once nobody can deny how bad it is, then we change. Or we don’t and we die out as a society. That’s what history shows us.

Maybe it makes me an idealist to say, but I hope it’s not. Look at all humanity has been able to accomplish, if we get our shit together now I still believe we can fix this mess that we’ve made. Start small, if we focus on what’s around us, if we think within our means, if we love one another but still work towards what we need all hope may not be lost. We have to pay attention though, not to what they say but to what they do, to what we know.


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