Daily Tips to Combat Stress

Our mind is not the only part of us that changes with age. Another aspect that changes as we age is our bodies. The physical changes are somewhat obvious, and the daily wear and tear of having been around for over two decades sets in too, but also an unexpected factor is stress.

When we were younger, just like five years younger, it’s doubtful we really considered stress when we were making decisions. I didn’t anyway. “Sure, ya, whatever,” or the notorious, “it’s all good,” were my go to responses. For pretty much anything. It went that way around all my childhood friends, it’s that worry free life.

But then you move out and live on your own for the first time and it’s amazing an first. No curfew, eat whatever you want whenever you want, hell GO where you want when you want. And if somebody try and tell you what’s what you can just tell them to fuck off because your an adult.

Eventually though this carefree haze ends. It can be a rude awakening; college and/or work starts being a thing, you have to buy your own groceries, you have to pay ALL your own bills. It’s rough.

We all for the most part figure it out, at different speeds. Eventually though, it becomes clear why restrictions had been put on us at a young age. We start to appreciate rules and we start to restrict ourselves; turn down party invitations in exchange for sleep, drink less booze, go to the gym by choice. Maybe we use our pets or kids as an excuse at first but really at some point a night in or a staycation becames the more attractive option.

Eat better
It’s good to take vitamins and all that stuff, not because Flintstones gummies are yummy but because it makes us feel better. I feel like I can take on the world when I drink my Shakeology shakes in the morning (I put eggnog in it this morning) or have fresh fruits and veggies for lunch. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. It keeps the weight away too, because while chubby kids are the cutest chubby adults have joint pain. You start to recognize that even though you could technically eat junk all day everyday, it’s a bad idea too. Organic and whole foods are way more expensive than frozen whitecastles and pop but they also make you feel much more productive and fresh.

Say No To Candy
For me I put cigarettes in this category too. It’s the best thing in the world at the time but it’ll make you weaker overall. Both candy and cigarettes ruin your smile too and especially while we’re young our smile is what will open doors for us. It’ll make our bodies slow down too and become dependent, on the nicotine or the sugar. The same way junk food offers very little, candy offers nothing at all as far as nutrients. The adrenal glands are forced to work harder in order to push out all the toxins and it just is not efficient. It’s hard I know, especially after Halloween. Eric got two bags of candy and then we only had three trick-or-treaters so self control is serious business in our home right now.

Drink That H2O
Drink more water! We’ve heard it all our lives. Juice tastes so much better though, and hey even the sugary ones are mostly water. Coffee too for that matter. Don’t forget though, caffeine makes you pee a lot which in turn dehydrates. Dehydration is a serious problem since more than half of our body is composed of water. Again, that adrenal gland depends on water intake. The brain does too. First thing in the morning, before the coffee or even the fresh squeezed OJ have a glass of water. During the day you start feeling groggy or lethargic? Put down the Rockstar and grab a water.

Vitamin Intake
You should take 2,000 to 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day for the good of your immune system and again your adrenal glands. When you feel a bug coming on even get some of those vitamin C packets to mix in your drink, it’ll fix you right up. This is something Eric taught me actually, and since I’ve been taking vitamin C supplements I get fewer colds. Living in the Northwest too vitamin D can come in handy since sun is sparse. Oh and that super B vitamin is amazing too, it’ll really give you some get up and go!

Non-Toxic Products

This one is eerily effective. A while ago I wrote about filtered water, it’s majorly uplifting. This is similar to eating all-natural foods, but also I recently got natural coffee filters and that spruces things up. Some people swear by organic deodorant and sun-screen too and while I personally had a bad experience with the latter…if your out in the sun for a short time, or if you reapply regularly, I can see the appeal. It feels better on your skin.

Get Outside
The outside world can often seem less than appealing, especially in the winter. When we bike or run or just take a walk outside though we keep our body strong and lean. It’s hard to find time for a daily workout routine but getting out can be a good way to do this. Of course we get some of that vitamin D, even on grey days, plus the fresh air is good for that respiratory system. I love taking walks, especially since I had to spend a pretty good amount of time in a wheelchair I deeply appreciate my ability to walk, limp and all. This is also a reason that I’m extremely thankful for my dogs because even when it’s gross outside they make me get my ass up and go.

Getting older can really suck sometimes. It requires stress and responsibility, but if we do it right and take care of ourselves it doesn’t have to be so bad.


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