In the Wake of Disaster

Looking back at all that has happened in recent months as far as “news worthy” events it can be such a slap in the face… it’s a wonder to me how anyone is brave enough to pro-create.
I don’t have any clue what to do about it either and I won’t pretend to. I’m not here to blame “these” people or “those” people, not “this” or “that.” Even if there was a correct direction to point would it matter? We need to build a safety net, we can’t keep living in fear.

Fear of poverty
Fear of loneliness
Fear of bordem
Fear of failure
Fear of God above
Fear of our neighbors

We can’t.
So let’s love one another. Let’s be calm and stay focused on those we love and how to be at peace with them. There is so much we need to change, and so much we need to fix, but we can’t do it as individuals. We can’t do it if we don’t come together and try. We can’t let our anxiety stifle the desire to enjoy our lives.


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