Never Shame an Introvert

Now a days everybody gets judged for absolutely everything. Your too fat or too skinny, too real or too fake, too happy or too sad. To the point even that hanging out can sometimes become totally about saving face. It’s exhausting. That’s how I see it anyway, that’s why I have social anxiety I guess.

I’m not saying that all introverts feel this way but my own introverted tendencies contributes to my feeling this way often. This doesn’t make introverted feelings negative, people just need to learn how to do what’s best for them.

The first important thing to remember is that about fifty percent of the population are introverts. You’re not alone and in fact most everyone understands your struggle. Feeling understood and appreciated is a major contributor to our mood, our productivity. When we realize that the only person judging us is ourselves it can life a lot easier.

While we might be quite it doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention. It doesn’t mean we’re snobs. We’re listening, learning, trying to understand our surroundings. Introverts never turn it off, that’s not even an option. Thus the need for alone time, because when other people are around we find ourselves running through every conversation and situation that could possibly take place. It takes a lot of energy to get through the day.

Introverts generally keep calm. Just because we stay out of the way, it doesn’t mean we can’t also be happy or sad or thankful or angry. Just because an introvert may not wear their emotions on there sleeve it does not mean they’re void of any.

Just because an introvert might not have great stories to tell at a party does not mean they’re a blank slate. In fact they might have more things running through their head than anyone else. It’s the same thing as being quiet or reserved. Many introverts have been hurt and therefore lack the trust needed to speak their souls, while others simply don’t see the need to share but either way an introvert has seen more than they let on. An introvert simply doesn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of a party, we like music and drinks and colorful lights but sometimes conversation feels like a disruption.

We avoid speaking on the phone. It takes about as much energy as speaking in person but somehow without the eye contact it’s hard to relax. Texting on the other hand is relaxing, it’s just like writing a story in first person. It allows the texter to examine their words before anything is said.

That also probably contributes to why introverts typically have a small tight group of friends. It’s hard to trust and open up but once we do we truly have some life long friends. That isn’t to say that introverts are better or worse than extrovert, everybody is just different but those differences need not divide us.


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