Dark Greasy Curls

I grew up on the beach in southern California. It was a pretty culturally diverse population but still the number of blonde girls was way up. Blonde, straight, frizz free hair, plus a lot of girls I knew did not even need to shave their legs because their hair was so light. This was not the case for my dark curly middle-eastern influenced hair, not at all. It took a lot of trial and error for me to figure out what my hair needed.

At a certain point I gave up straightening it and switched over to exclusively wearing pony-tales. As I’ve gotten older though I’ve grown into my curls. It is healthier for hair growth not to pull it up too tight anyway so whether it’s cut short or not I typically wear it down now. I haven’t colored it for a while either, I’m trying to grow it out to donate. A few years ago I shaved my head for a St Baldric’s event but I don’t feel like shaving it again. I need to cut off at least ten inches this time for Locks of Love.

Hair washing when it’s so thick though can be quite a chore. Today we ran out of our usual Head and Shoulders shampoo so I used the Baby shampoo that I typically to bath the dogs with. I had to rinse, lather, repeat three whole times to get the grease out of my hair!
Plus actually, embarrassingly enough, last night I leaned in too close to a candle and singed off a bit of my hair. It was scary, hair burns up really fast. Luckily my fiance and his friend got the fire out before my hair was too destroyed, also only a small bit of my forehead got burned. I used some Aloe last night, and some hemp lotion today. Both have worked quite nicely for the pain. So I’m fine but my head needed quite a scrub.
If you’re willing to embrace your natural beauty I would suggest avoiding blow dryers and straighteners, those dry the hair out causing split ends. Good moistening hair goop is helpful, I use Enjoy. Of course their are other great products and methods too but it is good to remember that hair health is an aspect of overall body wellness.


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