Puppy Cone


Eddy keeps reopening the cut on his eyebrow so we finally just got him a puppy cone at PetSmart. He hates it and his brother thinks it’s some sort of chew toy, I used the disciplinary squirt bottle though and they both knocked it off.

So he’s begrudgingly excepting it, his fated life as a cone puppy. It’s just for when we’re home, I take it off for walks and stuff. I think it’s a pretty good size, when I was younger the family dog Lizzie had to wear a cone a couple of times but we’d have to take it off for her to eat. Eddy’s cone though, while long enough to keep him from scratching, is short enough not to hinder his apatite. He is blocked off from sneaking into narrow spaces though and that drives him crazy.

It’s only been one day but the cone does seem to be working. Hopefully Eddy will soon be heeled up and he can ditch the cone. I just need to keep his wound cleaned up and disinfected long enough for the cut to close so that there is no more bleeding.


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