Winter Closet

I’ve been running low on clothes lately, especially since being way the heck out here in Independence without a car my shopping is limited. In Monmouth I could just walk a few blocks, main street had some shops and boutiques. Today though I made my way to Ross in Salem and it was great!

At the ripe ol’ age of twenty-five I’m trying to get off my t-shirt and sweat-pant phase completely. I let myself become a bit overly comfy-casual since I moved in with Eric, which is great but it’s important to not get too comfortable for when it calls to be alert.
So I’m trying to fix my closet. I’ve been getting better about it recently but I think I made some more progress today. I got rid of a few summery tops. Some old ratty Ts. It’s part of my no more ponytail thing too, just trying to class it up.
Cleaning out closets can be such a therapeutic thing, out with the old to make space for the new. New clothes, new friends and relationships, new jobs, new homes, new goals. Change can be so rewarding, when we are able to keep changing it also keeps us from stalling as individuals.


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