Yet Another Pupdate

Ed and Eddy have been with us now for a little over six months. Of course they are my babies and I think they are just perfect, I see their begging and jumping and whining as adorable. Our floor is cluttered with dog toys and the whole place smells like dog but to me it’s home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are without a doubt improving though, they’ve gotten so much better about holding in any bodily functions until it’s walk time making accidents rare now days. They still have their issues of course; Ed gets major separation anxiety, Eddy is a big time trouble maker, and they both bark at everyone when they are on a leash; but I feel like they are normal little dog issues that every other dachshund owner probably deals with. Because as I’ve learned, dachshunds are NOT easy dogs. All the other ones we meet at dog parks and such seem to have similar temperaments.

Yesterday though something amazing happened. A longtime friend of mine came to visit. She has met them twice before, she came here to visit back in June when I graduated and again once in August when Eric and I took the dogs with us to Eugene, they all seemed to get along well enough at the time. When she came over to our place this time the boys were absolutely amazing. They certainly recognized her as one of the gang. They jumped at her a bit, which is less than desirable but they didn’t bark or nip and amazingly enough they didn’t even try to run out the door when it remained open for her to come in! Later on in the day when we were all sitting on the couch watching TV Eddy even snuggled up on her lap. It was so sweet, I am beyond pleased to see my friends and my fur babies getting along so well.


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