Dogs are Smarter Than we Think

It’s something that all dog lovers believe, our fur babies are smart. They act thoughtfully and even when people think it’s crazy to say, we know they love us. We can see it in their eyes, in their will to please us.

For starters, they can understand names. I often wonder if Ed and Eddy recognize their names. They definitely do know when we call them now but I wonder if they just react to Eric and my voices. I mean I guess it doesn’t really matter what they are responding to as long as they are responding, but I wonder none the less.

They know when they’ve done bad too, Eddy hides under the dining table. They know that when both Eric and I put on our jackets and shoes that we’re either go going on a walk together or we’really going to leave them home alone in the bathroom. They can even recognize which dog harness is their own. They know if their masters are happy or sad or angry, and they know how to act accordingly. They know when to cuddle and when to keep to themselves. What really gets me though is that they know how cute they are, and they know how to use those puppy eyes to get what they want.
Ed, for example, is a very jealous puppy. The other day he was resting on Eric’s lap and it was clear that Eddy didn’t like it. So he jumped into my lap to make Ed jealous. Once Ed jumped down to my lap too Eddy jumped onto Eric. Sneaky little pup.

This morning despite the frost we all walked the four blocks down to the Mercado to pick up some breakfast. It was fairly busy so it took about twenty minutes. My loving fiance went in to order while I waited outside with the fur balls. They sniffed all the frost, they seemed very confused by it, and once they realized Eric was gone all hell broke loose. They litteraly started crying. I picked them up to pet and comfort them but they didn’t truly calm down until Eric was back with us! They jumped on him and whined adorably. They enjoyed a wagley four blocks back home too, I think this long morning walk was an unexpected joy to them both. The waiting for Eric not so much though because they want us all to be together all the time. They figured out who their family was real quick.

We’re all still adjusting to one another but each day we better learn how to work in harmony as a group. Things change and it gets easier with time. I love my little family so much. They have all stolen separate pieces of my heart.


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