Gendered Minds

Today I ran across an article with a headline basically saying that gender and brain wiring are not scientificly related at all. This is I’m sure no new concept for a lot of people, I’ve always known it too I suppose, but to hear it said and to read it in print just kind of took me aback. When I worked in childcare it was understood that boys were boys and that girls were girls. Then of course also when I attended church men had man urges and woman had woman urges. Woman are able to bare children so we are fundamentally different, it was natural for me to want to raise kids because that’s the natural order. Now I’ve always advocated total equality but since I personally also always have been drawn to caring for children I guess that argument made sense to me.
Since bringing home these dogs though it’s opened my eyes. I love them so insanely much even though they are in no way my creation, I can see that my soon to be husband feels the same way about them too and it made me realize something. My female body isn’t the reason I want kids, my mind is.

So I acknowledge that my mind and body aren’t necessarily dependent on each other, any gender can have any mind. Finally now though science acknowledges that too. This is a huge development, a truly wonderful development. If mankind can just stop killing each other for long enough to use all these great discoveries we’re making just imagine what a world we would live in.


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