Thoughts on Q-Carbon

There is a lot of news out there, and a lot of disheartening stories, but one thing I haven’t seen much coverage about is Q-carbon. Now scientists just really found out about this on December 1st so you’d think it would be headline news, but perhaps they are waiting to gather more research. Q-carbon is a new phase of matter that is harder and brighter than diamonds are, and can even be used to grow diamonds.

Imagine the possibilities, and no not just in the jewelry industry. In fact, it’s byproducts will more likely be used in medicine and electronics. Imagine all the things that can be invented too because of the ability to cut more materials and faster, all the issues we can potentially solve or at least manage. This is a new SOLID phase all together, that means it is an entirely new way for carbon to exist than we have before seen. It has been hypothesized that Q-carbon can be found in the center of planets too.
Now I am by no means an expert in the sciences, and so for those curious about the details I recommend visiting or even just Google it and see what pops up. In my humble opinion this breakthrough deserves much more attention than it is currently recieving.


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