Vet Visit

On Thursday we took our boys to the vet, just for an annual check up for shots and all that. They were both doing fine. Eddy had previously had that cut on his eyebrow but the cone had healed that right up, also Ed had been coughing a bit but he has allergies so we weren’t too concerned.

We have a vet down the street, which is super convinuent, so Eric and I took them in. We had taken them in the weekend we brought them home too but we had forgotten their paperwork that weekend so this was a bigger check-up. It was amazing how they instantly knew it was not a place they wanted to be. Eddy’s bark is so high pitched too, but we wrangled them in and we each held one real tight so they calmed down. Until the butt thermometers at least, they did not enjoy that at all.

Ed is now 18 lbs and little Eddy is 14 lbs. The vet also took their blood too, this was also scary of course but it went just fine. No heartworms were detected. It was however discovered that they were missing a bunch of their shots. They had the rabbies one but the rest it seemed they hadn’t had. I thought they had come from Luvable with all their shots but their paperwork showed otherwise. My boys both have now a minor case of kennel cough, they have never stayed at a kennel but kennel cough is much the equivalent of the common cold. In two weeks they should be completely better and we can take them back in. For the safety of the dogs in the waiting room we carried our boys out, and since it was raining outside we carried them to the car.
It will be our job for the next two weeks to keep them dry. Also, for the safety of unvaccinated dogs, no more dog park until they get their shots. They couldn’t get any as long as they are still sick. Zeke is fully vaccinated, his vet assured us that he’d be fine this weekend. We brought Ed and Eddy their own separate food and water bowls so not too many germs will get shared. I feel really bad about making this oversite but I have learned my lesson. Luckily dogs have very strong immune systems and nothing went majorly wrong. I will be sure to update my readers on their health after our next vet visit in twoish weeks time.


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