Rain Rain Rain

To any of my readers that saw this post yesterday too, I apologize. I was working from my phone app and something happened so that it got deleted. This will be sort of a redo.

It was pouring rain so hard yesterday, like Chicken Little status, so I was awake before 5 am. It was still dark so I figured what the heck and fed our snake, Nagini. She ate it right up so I assume it didn’t negatively impact her diet.

Next I harnessed the dogs, it was a weird time for them too but they’re always willing to walk. Or so I thought. The harnessing took a while because Ed has a new harness. He kept getting out of his old one, which wasn’t so much a problem as an inconvenience since he doesn’t run away anymore. Ed has also been a terrible puller from the beginning, this new Martha Stuart harness is great though. It goes on and attaches the same way Eddy’s Gooby harness does but the Martha Stuart harness also has a bunch of extra padding that keeps Ed from pulling. It drove him crazy at first but he adjusted quickly. It also has an extension which means he can go further out than Eddy when they’re on the double leash, he loves that. Also I love it because now that he can’t pull Ed is a thousand times easier to take on walks. Especially in all this cold pouring rain that is a great thing, we had to make it a fast walk because honestly Eddy was a bit afraid of the harsh rain. It didn’t let up all day though so he had to just be brave.

Upon getting home we all went back to sleep until my darling fiance got home. He stopped to get us some sufganiyot for breakfast, which I appreciated so much. I know he doesn’t fully understand why I like to follow many of the traditions of my ancestors, especially since I’m not religious, but it is so sweet that he’s willing to do it. We did not have time to make latkas after all yesterday because we had forgotten that he had a work Christmas party, but we’ll do it today or tomorrow. I thought the party was a great way to spend the second candle. I painted my nails in Christmas colors and put on an ugly Christmas sweater that says “DACHSHUND THROUGH THE SNOW.” Great food and prizes, same as last year, and lovely company. I was bummed to leave Ed and Eddy home alone with the loud wind and rain outside but they were the good little dogs I know they can be. It is so wonderful that the boys always have each other.




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