Puppy Thunder

This morning we got a nice long break from the torrential rain so we chanced it and headed three blocks down to the highway towards Carnisaria Mi Casta. It is basically a Mexican market, I think they mostly cater to people working on the farms out here. They make the best burritos, tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, soups, and I’m sure a whole lot of stuff I don’t know about that I’ve ever had. They have real sugar sodas too, it’s so so good! It’s the one thing in Independence that I will absolutely miss when we leave.
On a side note, our lease is up in May and we don’t plan on renewing it.

So anyway, since the place is so close we usually just walk. It’s a good excuse for a nice long dog walk, plus it helps justify the calorie intake.
Ed and Eddy both have so much fun on the walk. They get to smell all the neighbors lawns and bark at semi trucsk. Eric goes inside to order the food and I walk the boys all through the area. We usually shop there once every week or so, they have all kinds of good groceries that you can’t find at other places.

When we got home and back inside it was perfect timing. The rain started pouring down again, this time accompanied by some thunder. The boys weren’t exactly afraid of the thundering noises but they were confused by it. They stayed very alert the whole time.
Eric and I ate our burritos and then I fed the dogs, if I get their food out before ours (or mine as the case may be) they always wait until we finish anyway. Of course it’s partly a beggy thing but also, I’ve been told it’s partly a respect thing.
They, yet again, started a new bag of dog food today. They had a mix of Purina all natural tuna flavored hard food and some wet food too. The long walk must have made them hungry because they scarfed it all right down. We still can’t start taking them to the dog park again, not until we can get them their shots, so I’m glad they are getting some exercise.


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