As my previous posts may have alluded to we’ve had crazy non-stop rain. So much so that the Willamette river by our apartment is rising, and a small lake is forming in the empty field. The dogs don’t even want to go out much so I’ve been passing the time with a new hobby I’m trying out, coloring. It’s supposed to be good for anxiety and improving concentration so I’ve started using my down time to color Mandalas.

Let me tell you, if I would have known how amazing coloring Mandalas is I would have started years ago. I mean writing is still my number one but writing, even poetry, can get you so wrapped up in your head. Coloring puts you somewhere totally new, like I’ve explained why the fiction/fantasy/horror genres in literature and cinema are such an escape for me. Coloring is the same type of release, I suppose drawing and painting are the same for those partial to them. It’s definitely one way to stay stimulated on a wet and dreary day.



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