The Final Candle

Last night was the last night of Hanukkah. When the menorah is full it holds nine candles, but since we only had six left we lit those and then used center piece candles for the other three. Eric also had work so I just sat on the floor with my dogs and colored while playing the fireplace display on Netflix. On his way home Eric got me a bag of leftover Hanukkah gelt at the store.

It was a pretty immature, or even just plain silly, way to spend the night but I was glad for it. So peaceful and zen. I love the holiday season and I always have. It’s such an awesome time of year, stay inside all comfy and warm maybe even with cocoa.
It hasn’t snowed yet, now that the precipitation is back the temperature is up in the low forties. Thus all the flooding…it’s nothing new though. Just an Oregon winter.


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