No More Kennel Cough

So we went for our two weeks later vet appointment this morning. 9:15 am so it was a bit of a hustle, Eric just got home from work so we took the boys for a walk down to the car and off we went.

They have been scratching and biting like crazy. I checked them for fleas and was very relieved not to find any. We told the vet about it and she thought it sounded like allergies. Makes sense, I suspected this from their spring and summer sneezing but I thought winter would be okay. She told us to just give them each half a benadryl if and when it really gets bad. Foot chewing is the number one sign.

Since they are no longer sick they got to start their shots, which as you might imagine did not go over well. Ed was whining from the moment we walked in the animal clinic and Eddy was cowering. Two shots each, $88. Not too bad I felt, the last time was a bit more. We have to take them back in on January seventh for part two, since they’re so small it’ll only be a two part procedure. I have to watch them careful today though, since they have no shot records we don’t know how they react to the vaccines. Since nothing happened right away it’s most likely fine but if I see swelling in the next eight hours they’ll need emergency treatment. Apparently light haired dachshunds are more susceptible to negative reactions than most dogs.

I’m really glad we’re finally getting all this done and I’m really glad we can take our weenies to the dog park once again.


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