Puppy Toys



As I have written in the past, my dogs destroy toys. Every toy we get them, and they get quite a few, they break. Usually we can still just let the boys play with them but sometimes they have to go. Their favorite toy finally saw it’s last days just at the end of last week so I grabbed them a new one at the grocery store. It is a duck with crinkly fabric on the outside (which makes it pretty strong) and a squeaker on inside (which Eddy’s jaw is not strong enough to use but Ed loves).

I was glad that the toy duck had a rough exterior cover because the boys LOVE to tug-o-war and I had assumed this is what rips all their toys. Well as soon as I pulled the toy out Ed went crazy for it’s squeaker! No surprise there. He jumped up to get it from me and continued to just play around with it for quite a while. Whenever little Eddy would try and get some toy time Ed would scare him off! This went on for quite a while until finally I decided it was Eddy’s turn. I grabbed the toy from Ed, who went on to wrestle with the man of the house, and gave the toy to Eddy.

Right before my eyes Eddy went on to bite the stitching out of one of the wings. My goodness, I guess that Ed had his reasons. Either way though they are both continuing to have a good ‘ol time with the tattered duck.


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