Black Hermione

Why is this a controversy at all?
There are so many things that actually matter and yet people are hung up about this, the race of an actress. I myself am a huge Harry Potter fan, I grew up with the books and even got a Deathly Hallows tattoo, so I think it has some merit when I say WHO THE HELL CARES?!?! There are three main reasons no one should.

First- It’s a fucking play. The director doesn’t have to mirror the movies because it’s his right not to, many plays do color blind or gender blind acting. For example, I’ve seen Julius Ceaser played by a woman. Also consider that Harry Potter is originally a book, not a movie so Emma Watson is not really Hermione. If JK Rowling is down with it why should anyone else have the right not to be? Yes, I too think of Emma Watson when I think of the role BUT that doesn’t make it true.

Second- Noma Dumezweni fits the books description, she has brown eyes and frizzy hair, and she was found to be the best at playing the part.
I’ve heard people counter that in book three Hermione is said to have a white face BUT this doesn’t really prove anything. A white light could be shining on her face…she could be scared and flushed…it doesn’t explicitly say she has Caucasian skin anywhere in the series.

Third- For some time already a fan theory has existed that Hermione is black, it’s not like this came out of nowhere. This is all just fiction anyway and the idea of a black Harmonie brings the story alive for a larger audience. After all is said and done isn’t that the main goal of any fictional tale, to touch the hearts and minds of as many as will listen?

Nothing to do with the story is being tampered with at all. As a fan I am beyond excited to get a chance to see more of Rowling’s magical world.


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