Drinks for the Holidays

This is night three for me of doing it, starting the day before yesterday I decided to start practicing making mixed drinks in the evenings. I started following a page called Tipsy Bartender and so far I’ve made a drink that mixes;
vodka and
Admittedly this drink wasn’t my favorite. In the first place beer isn’t my drink of choice. I figured in a mixed drink I might not much care but the beer flavor definitely took over. For those that enjoy beer I can see the appeal.

Last night I mixed something “girlier,” a Jolly Rancher Vodka. It was the first mixed drink I had had years ago and I remembered liking it a lot. It’s a mix of;
green apple liquor
pineapple Rum
and again lemonade (or actually fresh squeezed lemon but I had none).
(also blue curacao but I skipped that bit.)

Tonight I tried a Grinch Cocktail that mixes;
melon liquor (in equal parts)
topped of with ginger-ale.
Also I did not do it but it suggests green sugar and candy cane bits on the glass rim with a lemon wedge.
As anyone who has had absinthe before will know, it is quite a unique taste. For those who want to pour the absinthe over a sugar cube, I’m sure it would be tasty.

For the rest of the holiday, probably I’ll quit drinking and start working out on January first, I want to continue my drink mixing. Some holiday themed drinks I’d like to try are Chocolate Peppermint Stick which is;

white creme de cacao
and peppermint schnapps
stir with a candy cane.

Also Santa’s Shot which is a layered drink with;
peppermint schnapps
and green creme de menthe

Plus the Snowball which is a creamy blended drink featuring tequila and cinnamon.

The Candy Cane blend;
peppermint schnapps
and creme de cacao.

Of course you can always spice up your egg nog with rum.

And let’s not forget the Red Rudolf which is;
orange curacao
cinnamon schnapps
and cranberry juice.

Hopefully we can all fit some drinks and merriment into our lives from now until the new year!


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