Yet Another New Year’s Resolution

Some years change you in a more dramatic way than others and I must admit that 2015 was the first year in a while that I have been able to calmly enjoy.
Three amazing things happened this year; first my best friend asked me to share a life together with him and second I finally graduated with long overdue bachelors of science, but still I don’t really feel that anything has changed me as much as my dogs have. They’ve taught me so much, how to let go of what I don’t need and how to take care of what is before me at the moment. I’m excited for the next year to come, to get married and to continue to build my family, but for the first time in my adult life I’m not anxious about what comes next.

On top of regular gym use and weight loss, which is always on the top of the list, my other goal for this new year is to visit as many state parks in the area as possible with my boys. My goals are both related to us not planning to renew our lease at Riverplace. It’s been fun but somehow this apartment just doesn’t quite feel like the right fit for the life I’m trying to build. I want a yard for the dogs plus we both want to start our married life together somewhere more exciting, somewhere with more opportunities. Somewhere with a city bus. We have until the end of our thirteen month lease, in May, to enjoy all the benefits of this place. The neighborhood gym/pool as well as the beautiful location. Luxury apartments have been a fun adventure but it comes with a price (literally), moving on is the best plan for us at this point.

I’m extremely excited for next year to start also of course because it is the year I become Eric’s wife, it is the year I finally end this weird existential chapter of my life. The craziest thing about this chapter is where it started. It was a fall term (2012) in a philosophy of happiness class I’d have to say. I had trouble with the class, I had trouble with the professor really. This was a stupid mistake on my part, learn from me and never let any person impact your ability to understand or fully enjoy life. Anyway, I went into that class looking for the answer to happiness. Thought I’d find it in the three month course but rather it took me three years full of crazy ups and downs. I’m sure the journey isn’t over but I am amazed by how far life has come since then.

I have a lot of hope for 2016 as far as continuing on my journey and attaining many goals. Some like traveling and weight loss it is clear how to work towards but others still are more abstract, like building meaningful relationships and loosing myself in the life I love. Hopefully 2016 will be the year we’ve all been waiting for.


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