Workout: Day 1

January first landed on a Friday, oh lucky me, perfect for me to start my new workout routine. Like I said in my last post I have until the end of our lease to use  the gym facility that is down stairs and so I’m doing it. This is the third time I’ve sworn to start regular use of the Riverplace gym and the last two times it only lasted about two weeks but this time is serious business. Working out in public can just be so annoying, the gym here is really small and often gets full. Lots of big, sweaty, grunters lifting way too heavy weights and loud teeny-boppers who just need a place to hangout, and of course the extremely in shape who make me feel too fat to be there. I need to slim down down for my wedding dress/pics though, I really don’t want to be puggy in my memory book. Both of the last times I went all out hardcore for my workout routine and so quickly burned out. This time I’m going easier, three days a week (MWF) cardio and weights plus obviously eating better too and drinking A LOT more water. I have a fast metabolism, I always drop pounds quickly when I apply myself, so staying focused is the real issue at hand.

I’ve been in Oregon about eight years now and it seems the gyms here do not like to provide scales, something about not wanting people to workout to loose weight but to be healthy. It’s a nice sentiment but super annoying. I took  an online PE fitness class once, they just trusted us to go to the school gym three times a week and record our workout plus BMI and what not. I was living in the dorms at the time and had to go to the campus doctor’s office to use the scale. Eric and I bought a scale when he first moved here, one of those cheap battery powered ones, but it’s long gone at this point. Fortunately I do still have the the belly/muscle tape measure from my Pyo workout routine so I’m using that. I am starting 2016 out at 40.5 inches around my middle, not good but I am working towards a MUCH smaller dress size. Every Friday will be my “weigh” day.

Today’s workout was nice, Ed stands by the door and cries for me the whole time I’m gone still but he has gotten a bit better/less annoying. You’d think after nearly nine full months he would understand that I’m always coming home for him but apparently that isn’t so. Oh well, I do love the welcome home love he shows me.


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