Trying on My First White Gown


It wasn’t planned. After taking the dogs on their morning walk in the ice rain Eric got home from work and wanted to go to the Salem mall. It has a Game Stop on the bottom floor, you walk through Ross to get there. I was in need of a few things so I tagged along with him. When we walked into the second floor entry of the mall I was completely surprised to see a ball gown store! Simply Grand is the name, it must be at least somewhat new as I don’t recall having seen it before. I decided to to give it a quick run through.

I looked through racks of different dresses. Lacy, silky, strapless, cap sleaved. Long trains versus short skirt. I didn’t realize until then either how many different types of white excist. At one point a friend had gotten me thinking about a not white dress. I had been excited about the idea of us both wearing grey, ya know instead of black and white…kinda cheeky but then when I saw the white wedding gowns I knew I wanted white. To be honest I didn’t even really look at the colored gowns on the other end of the store. I guess somehow culture has convinced me that I need a white dress but I’m okay with it. A long one too. I’ve also entertained the idea of a short dress, as I have a limp and a short dress would be easier to walk down the isle in, but again actually seeing the long white gowns I knew that’s what I wanted. Nay, NEEDED.

So I continued to look and look, I only wanted to try a dress on if it was exactly right. Including the right price, some price tags literally shocked me. I’m not really a fan of shopping, I like to do it as quickly as possible. I also hate trying things on, most dressing rooms are not ADA and it’s just such a hassle, so I only try on something if I absolutely love it. Anyway long story short, I found just that dress. It was beautiful and everything I want in a wedding gown. A halter top with a princess skirt, silk and beeds, slightly off white with a grey/silver sash, and most importantly I cried my eyes out looking in the mirror.

Unfortunately it was the last one, and the lady at the counter informed me they could not order more in. I think Simply Grand is an over stalk store. I wasn’t too upset about it though, my search will continue, at least now I know what to look for.


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