Needy Puppies

Both Ed and Eddy are such needy little guys. Not high maintenance mind you, they don’t need for us to take them a lot of places or to give them a lot of toys. They need attention though, and they need it often. That’s one of the reasons that having the two of them works out so well. Sure it’s twice the food, twice the energy and resources during bath time, twice the poo bags, twice the pet deposit for our apartment but it is also twice the love. More importantly though having two of them means that they always have a friend. There’s a reason Luvable sold us Ed and Eddy as a two for one packaged deal, the boys truly are inseparable. I’ve never seen two animals love one another so much, hell human siblings seldom do. They give me faith in the natural order.

Anyway though, they are both so needy. They’ve gotten a lot better at keeping good and quiet when Eric and I leave them home alone.  We have not yet been brave enough to leave them free around the apartment, we close them in the guest bathroom (which is pretty much exclusively used for dog washing anyway) but lately they’ve been so good in there who knows…maybe they can be trusted after all. That is a discussion for another day though.

My point here is that they are huge attention whores. They want either Eric and I to pet and play with them all the time. There are chewed up dog toys all over our floor, there favorite game to play with each other is of course tug-o-war but they often try to get one of us involved too. Ever since we taught them how to play fetch Ed at least can’t get enough of it. Eddy can sit contently alone and chew up his toys but Ed is always looking for a good natured fight.

Perhaps my two favorite times of day with the boys are early morning, after we come back from the morning walk and after my fiance has woken up but before he needs to get ready for class or meetings. Sometimes he also gets down on his hands and knees and wrestles around with them, Ed and Eddy sure do love that. The lazy coffee portion of the day. My next favorite time of day is the evening, after that final walk is done. The fiance and I are done with chores and we have some time to relax (before work or bed depending on the day). We cuddle up on the couch to watch some TV and our fur babies come cuddle up with us. All they want is pets and scratches until we all start to drift off to sleep. Eddy typically needs to be carried to the bedroom, and of course they need us all to be together to fully relax again.


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