Muddy River Bank

Today was the first day since the winter weather began that I took the dogs all the way down the trails on the river front. It is still muddy down there, and the water is a bit high, but it was so worth it none the less. The fur boys loved it! That is one thing I will miss so much leaving here. We were gone over an hour total this morning and the river’s stream was running besides us with a vengeance. Plus since the trail is no longer a clear pathway there were no joggers followed by leashless dogs which made things easier for Ed and Eddy.

It was especially lucky for us to get such a long break from the rain today because this afternoon I am going to try on wedding dresses in Salem. So I’m considering that the cardio I got in the long hilly walk can substitute my gym today, I’ve been doing really well with MWF. Also my dear should be home by then to stay and play with them but still I know Ed is a whiny asshole whenever I’m not with him, so I figure that taking them out on a nice long walk this morning is a good way of making it up to them. Hopefully it will stay clear tomorrow too and we’ll be able to take them to the dog park.



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