An Experienced Wedding Gown

I said yes to a dress!


Last Friday I went to a consignment bridal shop in Salem called Shabby Chic to try on dresses. It was amazing, a warehouse filled wall to wall with gowns. Just gowns, mostly white, as far as the eye could see. Jewelry and accessories too! Such reasonable prices, gowns that originally sold for in the thousands no more than $350! (Mine was $170) And the help was amazing too. There was a young lady working there when I went in who helped me with three separate corsets, and she did an amazing job.

My mother and I were in Shabby Chic for quite a few hours, we got there at 2pm and it was dark when we left. The dress I walked away with was actually the second one I tried on and I knew right away it longed to be mine, but all the same I tried several on before making my purchase. I figured this will be the only time I do this so I might as well try on everything I could. I’m so glad I did too, it was an amazing experience. I’ve never felt so pretty before.

Many of the gowns were super heavy with beads or lace, and several had trains. I tried on vales too, everything from bird cage to touching the ground. I am so happy that I did this at a consignment shop because every gown that I tried on truly did come with a story and wearing each one you could feel it.

By the time I left the store I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had the right dress. I was struggling to know which one to choose when I decided to give gown two a second shot. It didn’t fit perfectly, it isn’t the easiest to walk in, and it is in need of a few alterations but as soon as I had it on again I knew it was the one for me. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. It’s a very off white halter top with a princess skirt that is quite a bit too long and is covered in heavy heavy beading. I feel like the queen of the ball when I wear it. I’m totally not a girly girl but this gown makes me want to put on acrylics and get a makeover. It’s perfect, honestly I couldn’t be happier! Saying that I’m excited to walk down the isle in it is an understatement. I know my husband to be will love me in it too.


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