Wedding Hair, Wedding Jewelry, Wedding Shoes

I never really thought about it before now but there is so much more to the bride’s outfit than just the dress, SO MUCH MORE!

Shoes are an issue for me just cause of how I walk…but that is one great thing about my dress. It’s so damn long, I’m just going to wear my Doc Martin’s. They are super comfy plus easy to walk in, problem solved. Fancy heels can be a major expense anyway, just for something I will most likely never wear again. Plus I feel like most of the pretty heels I would be drawn too are open toe, but my feet aren’t exactly something I want to show off…thus I’m totally excited to just wear boots!

The next complication in my bridal attire is jewelry. Now unlike shoes, jewelry I love! It’s so sparkley and pretty, I just love it. My dress, as it is, already has plenty of shiny beading and whatnot so I’ve been unsure about what jewelry I should wear. My lovely bridesmaids came up with the idea of pearls though. I think pearls sound perfect! Necklace and dangling earings, and the great thing about pearls too is that depending on the design pearls can be as gaudy or as simple as I want. Most likely I will be getting my jewelry at Kay’s because that is wear my engagement ring came from and so we have an account there. Also we have a friend who works there that we might as well give commission too. That’s how I justify my jewelry purchases anyway.

Lastly I have hair and makeup to figure out. Makeup, as you may know, is not something I’m super into. I will definitely want some on so that I don’t look sickly or tired but I’ll probably just go with a natural color palette. Hair styles I have been looking at for a while though. I’ve been growing it out since I shaved in off for St. Baldric’s cancer research fund three years ago with the understanding that I’d probably be getting married eventually and would want long hair. I was thinking of getting a big fancy updo, and while doing some research I decided that a Brigitte Bardot bun was the way to go. In a totally unrelated conversation however it was revealed to me that my fiance likes it when I straighten my hair, so this has me rethinking things a bit. At this point I’m considering a half up Bardot with straight hair. Luckily I do have plenty of time to think it over but I am getting things planned and done as our big day gets closer.


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