Living so far out in the middle of nowhere, so close to the Willamette river, one hears a lot of crickets at night. Like a lot, it’s pretty loud. Sometimes it can be annoying, we sit in the living room and they’re louder than the TV or we sit down for dinner and they’re louder than the conversation, but I love it nonetheless. It makes me feel so connected to the nature in a way I’m not use to. Growing up in the city I never heard crickets like this, freeway noise yes and seagulls looking for food occasionally but nothing like this. On stormy days the city could hear the ocean, I grew up across PCH from the beach and it definitely had it’s own charm but still these crickets are a new sound and one that’s growing on me.
When I go out on the balcony at night it is so dark, and being so far out here there are no lights besides the moon. Some nights, when it’s a full moon, that is all you can see behind the trees. It’s so calm and peaceful, at times there’s only the crickets to remind you that you’re not alone.


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