Eight Months Now

We’ve had the boys for eight months (maybe a bit more, I don’t recall the exact date) and they have improved so much! Ed, Eddy, and I have all learned so much about ourselves and each other. They didn’t know fetch or stay or up or sit or really how to be a dog when we first brought them home, but now they know all those commands. They made me carry them up the stairs to our front door for months even (they are so small they literally have to leap up each step now) and I had to teach them how to play with their toys too because I don’t think that they ever really had toys before Luvable picked them up from the pound.
We’ve truly grown on each other too, I feel like they respect me as a human now instead of just their care taker because while my dachshunds do still manage to get into mischief sometimes, they have grown so patient with me and my abilities. I’m slow but they don’t pull or rush me and on days I hurt too much to get out of bed they cuddle me instead of making a gross mess, and on the occasions when I trip and fall (happens quite a bit) they try and help me. Simple Ed is still my main buddy, but Eddy and I have developed a rapor too at this point. They are a vital part of my life and they bring me incredible joy. Honestly, I can’t even imagine or really remember my life without them.
Last year at this time was my last term at the university, I didn’t have dogs, a fiance, or this nice apartment. So much can change so fast, life speeds on by and if you close your eyes too long you might miss it.


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