He Walks On His Own Four Feet!

Every night since we’ve brought them home the dogs fall asleep on the couch with me and I have to carry Eddy into the bedroom, Ed follows. Even on nights when Eric is home I have to carry Eddy because as much as he loves his human daddy he still doesn’t trust men entirely and to this day will pee. It’s no big deal really, Eddy is so tiny. Last night was the third night in a row though that when I got up to leave the room, Eddy followed me! I am so excited about this development. Honestly it isn’t even something that we have worked on. “Stay” and to a lesser degree “down” they both got a while ago, and “up” when they’re hesitant with stairs, but for some reason “come” they struggle with. Progress is progress all the same though, and I’m proud of how far they have come.


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