Socks are Not Puppy Toys


As frequent followers of my puppy tales are sure to know, Ed and Eddy are not good dogs. It’s not for lack of trying either, and Ed is more obedient as proof of that. I think it’s partly because dachshunds are just yappy but also the first three + years of their lives were so crazy that they just don’t know how it all works. They are not violent or anything like that, although they do bark like crazy at all babies and old people and trucks. Eddy also has a serious case of tiny dog syndrome.  Unfortunately Eddy is prone to pee whenever scolded, lightly slapped on the butt, or put in time out. Spraying him with the squirt bottle I use to water the plants works fine but it’s hard to always have the squirt bottle on you. I wouldn’t say that we totally gave up on the training aspect but we’ve had to learn how to deal with it. I feel bad just keeping them in a crate all the time, although sometimes we have to. Eddy did well with crate training but unfortunately Ed barks like crazy whenever confined. It makes me feel too bad to trap little Eddy in a box with his psychotic yapping brother.

I’m sure those reasons contribute heavily as to why Eric and I are at least the boys’ fourth home. If I wasn’t basically a stay-at-home wife, and if Eric wasn’t the most patient man in the world I do not doubt for a second that we would have taken them back to Luvable early on. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to pieces! I can’t even imagine my life without them now but it was certainly an adjustment at first. We considered taking them back more than once but I am so glad we never did! They really have improved so much, especially in listening to both of us. One habit I don’t ever think that they’ll be able to kick is their love of footwear. From day one we learned to keep our shoes up high. Even more than shoes though the boys love to chew up socks. They chew them like a ball when they find them bound up but more often than not Ed and Eddy can be found playing a high energy game of tug’o’war with dirty unpaired socks.

Recently they have figured out that the laundry basket by the bed is a sure way for them to get some stinky unprotected socks. They get on the bed and then leap into the basket. I should probably find a new spot for it. I’ve gone in the bedroom to check on them before because things had gotten much too quiet, and on days towards the beginning of our laundry cycle I have found Ed stuck in the basket. Little scrappy Eddy has no problem jumping out but Ed gets stuck with his bad hip. Other times Ed comes running to me with the sock expecting me to throw it for him and play, he’s so blissfully unaware of the rules. Eddy on the other hand is smart enough to know he has misbehaved so he hides the socks, usually in his favorite hiding spot under the kitchen table which is extremely visible. Sometimes when I catch them I grab the sock away and wack them on the snout with it while saying “no!” Eddy doesn’t pee as long as I’m the one who does it, he just scurries off with his tail between his legs. I’ve had to stop this practice with Ed however because he just thinks it’s part of the game, and oh how Ed loves to wrestle! They are both learning though, it’s just a slow process. One day I have faith that our socks will be safe again.



2 thoughts on “Socks are Not Puppy Toys

  1. They sound so incredibly cute! Thanks for giving them a loving (and patience-filled) home. So wonderful to hear of humans caring for animals, even when it’s not easy. A big hug to the dogs from me! Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

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