Head Bangers

On first glance I know I don’t look like the type, but I love songs with a heavy beat I can bang to. What can I say, I know hip-hop is it right now. I cannot tell you how often I hear it said “I need a song I can dance too” but I’m a child of the 90s. As far as I’m concerned, jumping up and down while air guitaring is dancing. I don’t know what it is about a solid base that just makes me want to move my body! For obvious reasons dance isn’t an art form that I truly participate in but I feel like at least when I rock my head I’m nodding in agreement with the music.

Growing up I swear grunge was all anyone ever listened too. The radio had basically three options; classic rock, indie rock, and grunge rock. I mean, I guess there was plenty of hip-hop on the car radio towards the end of high school but I’m weird and started getting into blues and swing that year. My school had a swing club, and although I was in a wheelchair at the time I still liked the vibe.

So whichever type of music genre a person favors it seems that our body movement is deeply influenced by the rhythm. It is so interesting how the right sounds just make you want to move your body!


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