No Super Bowl for me

This might come as a surprise to some, but I have zero interest in sports. When I was a kid my family use to go to Angel’s games once in a while, it was cool cause the Disneyland fireworks are visible from the stadium. In high school, those two guys I dated? Both on the football team. I have had the rules of football explained to me so patiently so very many times, and it still makes no sense to me. In college me and a friend worked as assistants to the athletic manager of the school, the brunt of the job was washing and organizing uniforms but we also got to assist shirtless athletes and go to all the games for free (football, soccor, basketball, track). It was an experience, but I still have zero interest. I understand why people like to play sports, sports can be an art for some, but please don’t expect me to watch.

So today for super bowl Sunday I would like to make some suggestions of activities for the sports non-enthusiasts…

1. Go for a hike. It’s not raining today so I took Ed and Eddy on a pretty long walk, we may go to the dog park too. We’ll see.

2. Go somewhere that is usually crowded. I live in the middle of nowhere so nothing is really crowded, aside from the couple of bars. From 3pm on though those will be horrible. I’ll find something though I’m sure. (For people near Portland, OMSI has $2 admission today.)

3. Play your own game. I might play fetch with the doggies, might pull out some cards or boardgames.

4. File your taxes. It’s a good idea if you haven’t yet. It’s got to be done at some point anyway.

5. Again, if you’re near Portland the three day psych micro-fest ends at the Crystal Ballroom today. There will be beer and music, so for those of you that didn’t vow to quit drinking this year I think it sounds like the place to be.

6. Go bowling. I haven’t bowled in years! Today there’ll be plenty of room.


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