Snake Love


I had a chance to play with Nagini today and it was wonderful! I love her so much, she was Eric and my first child. We’ve had her a bit over a year and a half now and she really is a good snake. I handle her quite a bit and she puts up with all of it. Eric and I had been thinking we should sell her before the move to Eugene this summer, it’s going to be a long ride for her, but after today I’m not so sure. I sure will miss her if we do, she’s so cool!

Since Ed and Eddy have been behaving so much better lately too I no longer feel like we have an unfit home for her. I still don’t like to take her out in the same room where Ed and Eddy are running about. They use to be such a hassle when I’d leave them in the hall to play with her, they’d bark and scratch the door, but at this point they are much more chill about it. Nagini and I get much more time to ourselves. Once again I feel like it shows that my dogs have learned a lot about trust and patience.


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