Valentine’s Day Celebration


This year we’ve got to go down to Eugene again to get our car’s oil changed. We decided to call this our valentine’s treat this year since my boo has to work the night of, welcome to adulthood. This is Eric and my fifth Valentine’s Day together, technically we met online four years ago the day before Valentine’s day. We plan on taking the dogs on a hike in celebration.

Valentine’s Day is somewhat controversial, understandably I might add. I have always enjoyed February 14th. I do tend to have a boyfriend, but even when I’ve been single I’ve tried to embrace galintines day. Still though, this year feels a bit different. I’m nearly twenty-six years old now and my priorities have changed. I don’t need to be wooed, it’s just another day. With a world so full of hate why should society be down on a day to celebrate love. I like to acknowledge love on this day but it’s good that it not be about chocolate or flowers or stuffies, it’s about appreciation of the people (or animals) in our lives.


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