Engagement is Fun

Before becoming engaged to Eric I didn’t much see the point of the engagement period. It’s just a waiting period I thought, the sooner it’s over the better. Now I am actually super excited to become a Mrs and to refer to Eric as my hubby BUT as it so turns out being engaged is awesome too! Even though I’ve always been kind of a loner anyway, this time period has been a nice adjustment for me. I’m becoming more in tune with what it means to be a wife and to make “our” happiness the priority.

Planning, while incredibly stressful, is ridiculously exciting once you figure out precisely what you want and stop worrying about what others expect. I had such a fantastic time at both bridal shows I went to and it’s wonderful getting a chance to be so concentrated on your own desires while having those close to you also concentrate on your desires. That sounds super selfish but whatever, it’s the one time I get to be. It has taught me to value myself.

Since weddings have become such an investment tons of different providers compete for your business. The other night I received a call from the Portland Bridal Show that my ticket was drawn from one of the many raffles I entered. On Tuesday night my fiance and I have been invited to a knife show in the north end of town. It’s a Carico operation I believe, and while I would rather have been picked up by Mary Kay, I’ll take what I get. We’re going to receive some free kitchen knives, which we are in need of, and of course they’ll try to sell us stuff too but I’m sure we can be strong. It is an excuse for a dinner date night in the city though and it’s an experience I wouldn’t get to have without my fiance. Another call for celebration of this time for us. The engagement time period is a special one, my married friends have told me that, and although it’s taken a while, I believe I have finally learned to embrace it.


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