Long Haired Weenies

Within the dachshund breed itself there a few variations. Now as I’ve mentioned before, Ed and Eddy are not “pure.” They are too big to be minis yet too small to be standards, this probably contributed to why they were hard to sell. When they are shaved down with their short hair cuts Eddy looks scrony as all hell. Whenever he’s fresh out of the bath or walking in the rain he looks like a wet rat. He makes me chuckle but I guess I can see how it might be off putting.

In addition to size, dachshund breed are also broken up according to types of fur. Smooth haired (the original), long haired (bred with spaniels to be warmer while hunting) , wire haired (bred with terriers to have coarse coats when jumping in badger holes), and then of course these can be broken down again by color. My boys are gingers, and ginger dachshunds are the most susceptible to allergies and negative reactions to vaccines. Also because wire hair is the most tangled and thick they need weekly brushing and bathing while smooth and long haired require only monthly attention. Ed does have allergies which are annoying but easy to control with half a tab of benedrill. Wirehair weenies are just as cute with long hair as with short hair, in my opinion, although they tend to get more compliments when they are a bit shaggy. At the moment their hair is quite long, the last time it was cut was seven months ago, of course we’ve had their nails trimmed since then but we figure they probably enjoy long hair for the winter. We plan on taking them in for full puppy spa treatment next month or so. Since their hair has been so long though they do need frequent at-home trims around eyes, butt, feet, and mouth.

Since my hands shake Eric clips excess hair while I entertain the other one. They are so funny, for them everything is a game, including grooming. When I brush them it’s always quite a job because they assume the brush is a toy and try to bite it! So it takes a while, and they shed like crazy so I always have a handful of hair to throw away when it’s all done. It’s worth it though because they look so cute and feel so smooth when it’s all over.

Having two brother dogs is definitely a lot of fun, and it’s good for them too because they always have a wrestle buddy. It’s a lot of work though, and a far bigger expense than I anticipated. They go through food so fast! Plus, as you know, my boys go through toys and harnesses fast too and then when it’s vet time that’s two vet bills! Walks tend to be harder too, I mean it’s great when I have someone to come walk them with me but having two pully dogs pulling different directions on their joint harness can be a trick. The little stinkers have pulled me down two or three times since we’ve brought them home. That was early on though, they go easy on me now.


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