One Month Sober

One month sober!

Well…minus a margarita at Hooters and a single shot of whiskey at a casino but those weer both extenuating circumstances.

It’s been an interesting experience. I wouldn’t consider myself having been an alcoholic, although I do suppose that’s something an alcoholic would say. Nonetheless though it feels great to be sober and alert.

Not drinking and therefore having no alcohol in your body is surprisingly refreshing. I have way more energy and my stomach agrees with me a lot more frequently. Plus of course I save a considerable amount of money. Alcohol is a big time social lubricant for me as I know it is for many others. I have a lot of anxiety with people but when everyone is drinking that goes away because it’s as if nothing really counts. Hell, sometimes none of it is even memorable anyway. Since I know I won’t be drinking now though I have become alright with the idea of turning down invitations with people I don’t vibe with. I also enjoy my days more because I’m less groggy and irritable. I get so much more done waking up earlier without a hangover. Another bonus is that since Eric also gave up drinking a few years ago we now have that in common, so when people around us are drinking we get to be in our own little world.

I don’t regret my decision to quit drinking even a bit. It actually hasn’t even been as difficult as I’d feared. It has taught me how to truly enjoy my life and my surroundings.


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