I knew the day would come, and finally it did. As I looked at Seymour today I noticed a wilting leaf. It was time for him to be moved to a bigger jar.

Now my record for keeping plants alive is grim. A friend had entrusted me with the tiny cactus that would later be known as Seymour about five months ago. He only needs to be watered once a week so despite my track record things were going great. I did know, however, that one day little Seymour would grow and need a larger jar. The larger jar was never really an issue as I horde mason jars but the act of the move I knew would be tricky. His original jar was very small.

I went down stairs this morning, slightly bigger mason jar in hand, and scooped up some of the dirt from our neighborhood yard. Questionable maybe…but I figure part of my rent is a maintenance fee so it’s all good. Then when I came back into the apartment, dogs jumping on me of course, I used a spoon to dig Seymour out of his original jar and I patted him into his new jar. I added slightly more water to the dirt than usual to help things along and then placed him outside. It’s relatively sunny by Oregon standards and I figure direct natural sun light cannot hurt the process. Hopefully Seymour will live on for years to come.



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