New Puppy

Unfortunately it’s not my new puppy. We’ve already met the Riverside apartment pet capacity. I tease Eric though that once we move to the house, with the yard, in four months time I’ll probably have a new pet every time he gets home from work. We’ll see.

Anyway though, when out for our neighborhood loop last night I came across a neighbor taking out their new puppy for a nighttime bathroom break. This was a serious puppy we’re talking about too, and so freaking cute! A German Shepard mixed with a Husky. It was so beautiful, and so tiny! At most half Eddy’s size, just days old! Of course the puppy was extremely curious about the world around him. Everything was completely new, can you imagine how crazy that would be??

I was a bit nervous to introduce my naughty dogs to the fragile young thing but they too were extremely curious about the little puppy. We walked over slowly, the introduction was a major success! Tails wagging and tongues out, they all got along really well. I was really glad to see my boys take to the puppy so well. They didn’t bark or jump or nip, none of the usual nonsense. When they meet much bigger dogs they usually get intimidated and go all alpha on them, and then they usually go into bully mode on the rare occasion that they meet a smaller animal. My theory is that maybe they could smell that this was a dog and so they were nice to it.

Whatever the reason it was adorable to watch them interact. It made me feel better about the idea of expanding my family too. Life is certainly amazing and my boys really are something to behold, especially when those canine instincts take over and it becomes clear that they know how to act and what to do.


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