A President For Fair Animal Treatment

To me this is YUUUGE!

This will be my first time voting in the primaries, I’ve always been an independent and Oregon has closed primaries, but I decided that for Bernie Sanders I could make an exception. There are so very many reasons I support Sanders. Sanders was the only candidate to go to the autism caucus, he respects the right to bare arms but still wants to strengthen background checks, he is anti-war, he wants to fix this Obamacare mess and do it right, he is on the correct side of immigration reform, and his voting record shows that he is the strongest feminist running. I am beginning to see though that the revolution is going to happen no matter who wins, of course it would be SO MUCH EASIER with Sanders but people will do what people will do.

Anyway, enough of my shpeel. That’s not what this is about. If you’ve been skimming, this is where you should start to pay attention. One of the many many reasons I respect Sanders is his stance on animal rights and fair animal treatment. It’s not surprising, Sanders was a Kibbutznic (not a religious thing btw) for a while which means he kept kosher for a time and in order for meat to be kosher the animal had to live a humane and sanitary life AND it had to have experienced minimal pain in it’s slaughter. It makes sense that animal rights are important to Sanders.

Sanders has also received a one hundred percent rating from the Humane Society. There are four main components of animal welfare that ought to be addressed.

The first is breeding and capacity practices. Sanders believes that no animal should be subject to inhumane breeding habits. That means NO PUPPY MILLS!!! They also ought not be kept with neglect or inadequate shelters. In other words, if you can’t afford to house them properly you have no business keeping them, storing them to sell, or even putting them up for the night. Breeding animals to sell is obviously going to remain a thing but it needs to be done properly, animals are NOT commodities! Sanders has been clear that it is cruel and horrific to jam animals into small shelters with inadequate food and water. That actually is torture. Sanders cosponsored the Big Cats and Public Protection Act, the Puppy Uniform and Safety Act, and the Captive Primate Safety Act. Some people are just too cheap and some people do not believe that animals truly suffer but Bernie Sanders is attempting to put a stop to this heinousness through legislation.

Another issue is livestock practice. Even though these animals are specifically being kept to kill for food it does not mean that they should suffer. Most would agree that it would be unethical to “create” humans specifically for torture, so why do it for non-human life? Sanders cosponsored the Egg Products Inspection Act, which requires that egg laying chickens not be kept in uninhabitable cages and also phasing in environmental enrichments. He also cosponsored the Safeguard American Foods Export Act which prohibits the slaughter and sale of horse meat. He believes, and many others agree, that certian animals ought only be companions, not food. He also wants to impose harsh penalties on those who use pain methods to encourage horses to lift their feet.

Then, of course, Sanders championed for an end to animal cruelty and has a pro-animal welfare voting record. He cosponsored the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which as you may have guessed penilizes spectators of animal fights in addition to the monsters who set them up.

Sanders is not only trying to protect pets and livestock though, he also aims to protect endangered species and ALL wildlife. He received a one hundred percent score from the Defenders of Wildlife, a group devoted to the protection of wildlife. Sanders voted in favor of prohibiting funding for the use of wildlife destruction. He voted against the weakening of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and also in favor of two amendments to strengthen it. Sanders also recognizes that global warming, and environmental destruction in general, is our number one threat.

So basically if you support animals Bernie Sanders is your guy. You can find more about his stance of animal and wildlife welfare plus more at http://feelthebern.org/bernie-sanders-on-animal-welfare/.


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