The Zoomies


My dogs each get a severe case of the zoomies after each and every bath I’ve given them. I’ve always just attributed it to their general goobyness BUT apparently the zoomies are a real known thing that most dogs experience.

After giving Ed and Eddy a bath and drying them off to my best ability, I open that bathroom door and they burst out like the crazy puppies they are! They run and jump in every direction, jumping on all the furniture and rubbing on all the carpets. It’s hilarious! I’ve always assumed that they are trying to get some of that old stank back but apparently their are other reasons too.

Firstly baths make dogs nervous. So when bath time is done they are literally so happy to be free that they run and jump for joy!

Once they get going though they start having fun and just keep going. Especially my boys, since there are two of them it nearly always turns into a wrestling match. Again, my downstairs neibors must hate me.

Another reason that I never really thought of, but that is oh so obvious upon further consideration, is that they are trying to dry themselves more thoroughly. It makes sense, they can’t use a towel like us so they do the next best thing! While also wiping off that fresh soap scent. We might be happy that they temporarily smell better but they are dogs after all and they like their own dog stink.


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